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A Collection That Is All About You


Growing up she used to watch her mother put on some simple jewellery as she dressed up for all kinds of occasions, small or big. At times her mother’s accessories were limited to just a watch. Deepika Padukone admits her style is influenced by her mother’s simple yet classy take on fashion.

“My mother never used a lot of accessories. The way she dressed up was all about being simple and elegant and I believe a lot of it has rubbed off on me,” she says.

Deepika’s ‘All About You’ collection has pastel colours, floral prints, lots of sheers, breezy and flowy designs, ideal for professionals between the ages of 18 and 35. Fabrics like hammered satins, viscose and jacquards, lurex knits woolens and denims have also been used in the collection.


On being asked about the colours that she has used the most, she admits that white is her favourite, but she steers towards a lot of soft baby pinks, blush pinks, creams etc. as well. Deepika, in collaboration with French design agency Carlin and Myntra’s in-house design team, spent nine months designing and perfecting the collection and has modeled the brand on her own off screen fashion choices.

When quizzed about why she chose fashion designing, Deepika said, “I love acting. But I believe we should have fun with what we do. This is something new that I am trying out. We often tend to box ourselves and say that we can only do one thing but I think as women we are able to multitask and have various facets to our personality so this is just another interest of mine that I am exploring.”

While Deepika explores her creative side, you can explore her chic collection right now on the Myntra app. Download and start shopping.

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