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A Great Place To Work

Your unique identity is what makes you stand out in a crowd, wouldn’t you agree? Not only is this true for individuals, but the corporate culture too, is evolving and embracing this philosophy! Companies are infusing their identity into their workplace. Myntra believes in moving away from traditions when it comes to creating the best workplace for its employees.

The exterior of the office, looks like a typical tech park with a glass facade. But step indoors and the office transforms into a completely different world.

Different floors are dedicated to iconic fashion brands, sports, editors and stylists of top fashion magazines. The large, open office is punctuated with pillars that have Myntra’s core values like ‘Pursuit of Excellence’, ‘Respect Equality, Transparency’, ‘Do things differently’ explained in detail to encourage and inspire employees at work.

The company follows a no-cabin culture with flat panel workstations designed in a way, which is neither too high, nor too low, to encourage collaboration between employees.

The huge colourful cafeteria space is also transformed and used for key employee engagement events.

The fashion inspired Bangalore office is not just designed to uphold the brand’s vision but to also inspire employees to be creative and discover the fun side of their personality.

Deepika Ramani, one of the Stylists says, “Myntra as an organization provides the creative freedom. They are always open to new ideas and that is why I can imagine working in a corporate like this.”

Myntra believes in promoting a healthy lifestyle and has created a special sports cum entertainment zone for sports like Badminton, Cricket, Football and games like snooker, table tennis and foosball along with a well equipped gym for the fitness enthusiasts.

Outdoorsy employees need not fret either as they promote outdoor activities like running, bicycling and cricket. Myntra has its very own cricket series ‘Myntra Premier League’, which keeps alive the spirit of competition among the employees while making the work atmosphere loads of fun.

Talk about creativity and productivity at the same time! The office sure makes the employees a happy bunch of people.

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