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A New Season With MANGO

The drop dead gorgeous Ileana D’Cruz’s excitement was palpable, as was that of everyone else, at the launch of MANGO’s first store in Delhi in association with its business partner Myntra. And why not? After all, Myntra, MANGO, and most of all, fashion loving customers have been eagerly waiting for the store to hit the floor.

The coming together of Myntra and MANGO finally materialized recently at one of Delhi’s most happening places, Select City Walk, Saket. The launch was a glittering event with model and actress, Ileana D’Cruz, who inaugurated the store, adding an oomph of glamour to it.

Mango-Myntra store inauguration Ileana D’Cruz

 Ileana D’Cruz Mango-Myntra store launch Delhi

 Ileana D’Cruz Mango-Myntra store launch Delhi inaugurates Mango-Myntra store Delhi

Ileana D’Cruz Mango Myntra store

This is just the beginning of the omni-channel strategy for MANGO, which partnered with Myntra in 2014 to create its online presence across India. In less than three years, MANGO has become one of the five top-selling women’s western wear brands on Myntra. The next five years are going to be exciting for all the MANGO fans in the country, with the launch of 25 new stores on cards, in association with Myntra.

The novelty of the store lies not just in the fact that it is the first of many more to come, but also in the way it functions. Gone are the days when a brick-and-mortar store was limited by its physicality. Welcome to the best of both worlds.

Mango-Myntra store launch Delhi press conference

The store is equipped with advanced technology to offer its customers an amazing shopping experience. This and all other MANGO stores will feature integrated inventory and the concept of Endless Aisle, enabling customers to browse the MANGO collection on a tablet, check out product details and availability, and have goods from other stores delivered to their doorstep. With technology at their fingertips, personalized recommendations based on purchase history, and a host of information on new products and styles is also easily available for customers visitng the stores. In fact, they will also be able to skip queues at billing counters, using the Assisted Checkout feature on tablets.

The new store is all set to redefine the way consumers experience brands in future. MANGO with its inimitable fashion appeal, and Myntra with its insights on consumer choices and behaviour, promise the best-in-the-league services. Talk about a partnership made in heaven.

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