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An End To The Dreaded Size Struggle

How often have you faced the dilemma of buying a dress you loved online and later returning it due to sizing issues? The struggle to hunt for the correct size according to different size formats and finally finding your perfect match seems more challenging than a game of high-level tetris. But you no longer have to sweat on figuring out the right size that fits you; Myntra has decided to end this size struggle.


By mid-April, Myntra will launch a standardized size chart on the app and mobile website. One can then buy any brand label without worrying about the brand specific size instructions. In the West, there is standardisation of sizes and all retailers and manufacturers follow it. In India, every brand has its own understanding of sizes. Sometimes, a large size dress for Mango may be too small for someone who wears a large size Dressberry dress. Such confusion in sizing has resulted in almost 50% of the returns on the Myntra platform, according to Ashutosh Lawania, Co-founder of Myntra.

The standardized size chart aims to reduce Myntra’s return rate by atleast 30%! So in the near future, you can all hope to spend less time finding a perfect size fit and more time enjoying the 2000+ brands on Myntra app that fits you like a glove.

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