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An Ode To All The Roadsters…

Ibn Battuta, a medieval traveler-scholar once said, “Traveling – it leaves you speechless, then turns you into a storyteller.” Isn’t that truer than anything you have ever heard? When you travel not to reach the destination, but to live and experience the road that leads you to it, that’s when you feel most exhilarated. Being on the road has a feel of its own. There are no limits and boundaries. You didn’t come from anywhere and you aren’t going anywhere. Its freedom.

The new brand campaign by Roadster themed, “The Road is Waiting” captures the essence of this passion. As a brand, Roadster has become synonymous with travel and adventure, motivating young people to embrace the road. This launch is a step to further this. There is something about simplicity, comfort and hardiness in clothing that arouses in travelers the need to set out, to experience the world.

You can pick from a range of Roadster shirts and t-shirts for men and women. A recently launched collection, The Freelander Collection, also boasts of some of the most interesting picks such as sneakers, slip-ons and sweaters for men and women. Each piece is ready for an adventure!

The campaign ad film is shot entirely on the Indian terrain, showcasing the beauty and fury of nature, and inviting you to “find the gap in the world”. To fill the space that is empty on the road. It promises you that you will make life-long friends out of perfect stranger during this journey.

Oh, and women power alert: the campaign bashes the stereotype that only men go on adventures and live on the road, by primarily featuring women exuberating thrill and peace at the same time.

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