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‘Artie’ To Keep You In Style

Now looking fashionable and stylish every day is a piece of cake as ‘Artie’, the fashionista robot powered by artificial intelligence brings to you an all new fashion label from Myntra, ‘Moda Rapido’. The new brand features tees, jeans and sweatshirts for men and jeans for women, priced between Rs 499 and Rs 1899.

With information provided by Artie, Moda Rapido will make sure that your wardrobe is never outdated. The A.I. analyses all the fashion trends on the internet and understands consumer needs to provide an insight of what’s in demand. Myntra uses computer vision to decode fashion and its attributes along with support of few design specialists who help the machine fine tune.

Gautam Kotamraju, Senior Vice President for New Initiatives at Myntra says, “Our intention is to bring new products every week. We will react to everything that is selling well, go back and make it, and bring it to our customers in 4 – 6 weeks. We have a nimble supply chain which allows us to do so.”

It’s interesting to note that all Moda Rapido products are based purely on artificial intelligence and there are no designers involved in the process. The product line will be extended to other categories in the coming months.

“Our artificial intelligence tells us what material we have on one side and what people are liking on the other side and therefore it puts across a basic skeletal framework together for the in-house designers, who would then tweak the designs according to the demand,” Kotamraju added.

It took around eight months for a 25-member team to develop this brand in-house.  Worth the wait!

Now no longer does one have to look into a crystal ball for fashion which is at least six months away from the current fashion. Thanks to Artie!

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