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Basket Size Of Online Shoppers To Take Flight

In late October 2007, a man called V. V. K. Chandra became the very first customer to order a book online from Flipkart. He lived in Mahabubnagar, a town in undivided Andhra Pradesh, 90kms away from Hyderabad. He had been craving to read Leaving Microsoft to Change the World, but was unable to find it in stores for a long time. One can imagine his delight when one day he actually received the book, that too from an e-commerce company he had never heard of before.

That was the time when e-commerce companies were just about taking off in India. Customers were beginning to discover a novel way of shopping, albeit hesitantly. Into 2016 now, online shopping has firmly downloaded itself in the psyche of consumers. Driven by factors like convenience, variety, higher disposable income and a curated collection from the best of brands being offered, the 40 million online shoppers are but the tip of the iceberg.


Interestingly we have witnessed a significant increase in women shoppers and it is predicted that women will comprise around 40% of the projected online shoppers between 2014 and 2018. Research shows that the average basket size of women shoppers is two times that of men, and their shopping frequency is more too.

Well, the industry will be wishing more power to women for sure! Keep watching this space to know more about some key trends in the e-commerce industry in near future.


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