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Become the God of grooming

Don’t worry gentlemen, we’re not asking you to spend hours at the salon! Just a few easy tips will take care of your overall appearance so you can look —groomed to perfection.

Don’t wait till your hair grows out till your knees (we might be exaggerating a bit) but get a haircut or trim regularly. The ideal gap between two hair-cuts is between four to six weeks, so stick to it.

Find your signature scent, whether it’s a perfume or a deodorant. Remember—don’t use too many products at once because there’s no bigger put-off than an overpowering smell.

Your skin needs care too! Use a good face-wash at least twice a day and moisturise well. A good scrub or exfoliator is also recommended once in ten days to give your face a healthy (and manly) glow.

The king of grooming will never let his facial hair grow out of control. A weekly trimming with an electric trimmer or even a regular one is an absolute must for any gentleman. So get trimming!

Besides keeping your hands and feet well hydrated, you need to keep those nails in check too. Unlike women, men look best with short and neatly clipped nails.

So make these easy grooming tips a part of your daily routine, today! Believe us when we tell you that it doesn’t take long at all.

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