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Being Creatively Curious With The Ink Bucket

That is what designer and creator of The Ink Bucket, Vidhi Khandelwal, believes in being – creatively curious. Ask her about the latest SS ’16 collection of handbags and she will tell you that the only thought behind the collection is that not everything in life has to move in a straight line; not everything has to be perfect. However, she strongly believes in looking for beauty in imperfections and that is what reflects in the second collection of The Ink Bucket.


Continuing with the themes that shaped her first collection, this one carries forward the traveler’s tale and the spirit of those who like to explore new horizons. From random scribbles and doodles to bold brush strokes, the bags look like a work of art.

The Ink Bucket features hand drawn illustrations, with attention to a lot of quirky little details. There are a range of canvas and leather bags including totes, laptop sleeves, backpacks, messenger bags, wallets, satchel and a few more. Keeping in mind the convenience of customers, the bags have various compartments to organize things.


The collection is inspired by travel, but is meant for all those love to explore, are curious about life and young at heart! It’s a visual delight all the way, available exclusively on Myntra.

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