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Blending Bandhani, Wool and Many Motifs

“It Felt Love”, the latest collection by seasoned designer Rahul Mishra wowed the Paris Fashion Week in 2016. With a concoction of Indian handicrafts and contemporary designs, the mix of porcelain and pottery patterns, the Bandhani work on silk and Merino wool, along with intricate Indian draping techniques, Rahul is the talk of the fashion circuit around the world. His philosophy of handmade and sustainable fashion truly reflects in his designs.

Rahul’s passion for sustainability and his trademark for use of wool bagged him the International Woolmark prize for 2013/14, making him the first Asian to ever win this coveted award. His love for wool and the immense respect he gives to traditional Indian weavers is best captured here by the Woolmark Company:

Originally from Kanpur, his passion for Indian handicrafts grew during his dissertation projects on Indian artisans, for which he travelled all over India, while studying apparel design at NID, Ahmedabad. It was then that he realized that empowering these modest skilled craftsmen of India, was something that he was deeply interested in.



As a fellow mentor and advisor to the Myntra Fashion Incubator, designer for Myntra’s brand DressBerry, mentor for Myntra’s two in-house brands – Pluie and Suo, Rahul is an inspiration and role model for many within Myntra.

Rahul’s work philosophy can be best described in his own words, “My idea is to create new jobs which help (people) in their own villages – I take work to them rather than calling them to work for me. If villages are stronger you will have a stronger country, a stronger nation, a stronger world. So my entire idea, my entire philosophy, revolves around that. The product will go through evolution – it will change, it will improve, but a philosophy is what is constant.”


In recent past we have showcased Anita DongreVani Kola, Wendell Rodricks and Rina Dhaka, who are some of the prominent driving forces of Indian e-commerce and fashion industry. Watch out this section for more…

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