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Bohemian Fashion: The Indian Influence

Bohemian Fashion: The Indian Influence

One trip to a place like Benaras or Pushkar will take you to a world of fashion that does not conform to the prim and proper but is equally fascinating. Think of all the bright colours put together with a generous dose of motifs, embroidery and free spirit. Now think of Zeenat Amaan, Kate Moss and Sienna Miller in one frame. Boho chic at its best!

Bohemians around the world have a distinct style that separates them from the others. And the influence of India on the so called boho chic fashion is huge. The tie and die skirts, scarves and dresses are something that never really seem to go out of fashion. And turbans, the pride of Indian men for generations, have been adopted by bohemians for as long as we know.

It all started when bohemians from Europe and America started travelling to explore the rich culture of India in the 1950s. And they ended up loving Indian prints and motifs. Paisley or buta, the water droplet shaped Indian motif that is still widely used in a variety of Indian traditional wear, is loved by bohemians.

The long ruffled cotton skirts made by Indian artisans were comfortable to wear for bohemians who had to walk for long distances. The ethnic Indian jewelry added glitter to their expressions. The thin cotton tops kept them cool even as they travelled to the hottest destinations.

In the past few years, elements of bohemian fashion have inspired designer collections everywhere. And e-commerce has taken it a level up. If one wants to have a boho inspired skirt, like right now, they do not need to travel all the way to Pushkar anymore. A search on the Myntra shopping app is all that is needed.

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