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Bold Is Beautiful: The Whispers

“I become a topic of conversation whenever I move to a new location.”

Can you place this line from one of the latest digital campaigns of an Indian ethnic wear brand? Or actually, can you think of situations where this statement might be true, especially if it’s coming from a woman?

Probably quite a few come to mind. The Supreme Court recently highlighted one such situation. In a landmark judgment, the Supreme Court has stated that, every unwed mother has the right to claim guardianship over her child without having to reveal the biological father’s name. The Court also said that in times when women are increasingly choosing to raise their children alone, there is no need to thrust an uncaring father on a child.

The name of the woman who filed this petition has not been revealed by the Court and for good reason. After all, single mothers, especially unwed mothers do tend to become the cynosure of all attention, don’t they? Crass curiosity, shame and vilification by society find its way to them all too easily. But one can imagine that a woman, who for the last four years has stood her ground and fought her way up to the apex court even after facing a hostile decision by the High Court, must have tremendous courage and confidence.

At Myntra, we try in our own small ways to talk about the life stories of women who are bold & beautiful, charting their own course in life, notwithstanding public opinion. Take for instance our ‘Bold is Beautiful’ campaign for our ethnic wear brand, Anouk. The above ad called ‘The Whispers’ narrates a story of a single mother raising her daughter in a world that simply assumes that a father must necessarily be present in order to have a happy family.

This is but one of the Anouk ads which are videos as part of its ‘Bold is Beautiful’ campaign, the rest can be watched here ‘The Visit’ and ‘The Wait’. The campaign is turning quite a few heads as it addresses issues faced by women of all ages.

Sharing his thoughts behind the campaign is Manish Aggarwal, VP Marketing, Myntra Fashion Brands, who said, “The brand is all about celebrating women, her beauty, her existence, her grace and her freedom. We wanted to give Anouk a sharply defined identity in this crowded category – describing it as an ethnic wear that is bold, vibrant and stylish and even edgy at times.”

The woman of today – bold, beautiful, courageous – is riding the winds of change by standing up for herself. We will continue to get inspired and share stories of such open and unapologetic women.

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