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‘BrainBout’ Quizzes Myntraites!

Yesterday was not a usual work day for several Myntra employees across Bengaluru and Gurgaon. There was a sense of nervous excitement and anticipation among them. Who would emerge on top at the end of the day, they wondered. Are you wondering why? Well, because it is not every day that the World’s Biggest Inter-Corporate quiz, ‘BrainBout’, is held in the office, with the chance to win and participate in the grand finale in Athens! To let you know how this works:

  • First Round of BrainBout Quiz is held in office premises. Best of talent arrives to represent the company out of which top 16 are selected.
  • Round Two means gradual growth in difficulty level and the Quiz is held in four cities: Mumbai, Pune, Bengaluru and Delhi.
  • Top six winning teams move to India Finale in Mumbai where contestants will participate in a Celebrity Quotient with Subhash Ghai for Bollywood Round, Vijender Singh for Sports Round among others.

Managed by Employee Engagement Company, engage4more, this was Myntra’s first time with Brain Bout. Over 70 employees participated in the Quiz and 16 emerged as winners. The selected employees will now go on to compete with other winning teams from Mumbai, Pune and New Delhi! And we hope Myntra makes it to Quiz Olympiad 2016 in November at Athens!




The Finale will be telecasted on NDTV Prime. So in case you haven’t signed up, register online on BrainBout and meet Myntra at the Finale!

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