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Briefs, Bras and Beyond

When Roy Raymond wanted to buy lingerie for his wife, he felt judged, embarrassed and an unwelcome intruder at the departmental store. That was the seed of what has become one of the world’s hottest lingerie brands – Victoria’s Secret. In India such inspiration has been around not only for men but also for women as most lingerie stores had men behind the counter attending to their inner wear needs.

Shopping for lingerie is a very personal affair and it isn’t too much of a surprise that lingerie sales are one of the strongest apparel trends online from across the country. The comfort of shopping in their own space online or on their phones is changing the way people are not only buying lingerie but their whole attitude to the category. Most women felt judged by the people behind the counter when they were choosing their innerwear or if they wished to try out the more risqué lingerie. On the other hand, away from the metros, there wasn’t much on offer in any case – and what was on offer was usually was poor quality or shoddy in design. As ecommerce became a fact of life, lingerie sales started picking pace.

A combination of range, private purchase, discreet delivery, range of high quality Indian and global brands and a wide range of styles, colours, size options has started propelling online lingerie sales in the Rs 11,000 crore women’s innerwear market. The sheer variety of choices alone is encouraging women to make six to eight purchases online every year as opposed to four purchases offline.

From online availability to personal advisory, the next steps in enabling women to choose their innerwear is taking place on Apps. Today, Myntra provides on its App a host information and tips to help pick the right size, shape, design, colour and fit.  Says Prasad Kompalli, Head, eCommerce Platform at Myntra, “We have created educational content for our app users to help them pick the right product. A dedicated Lingerie Store on the app provides all required information and products at one place.”

The information provided on the app covers topics which guide the user to find products that fit perfectly, give style advice to fashionably pair lingerie with dresses, and suggests lingerie for all situations and occasions. Women are able to choose by type, brand or fit, and the products range from purely ‘utilitarian’ to ‘sensual’.

So if you are ready for an intimate experience online, check out the Lingerie Store on the Myntra app!

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