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‘Calling’ For An End To Discrimination

Do you remember Anouk’s first ad, which came a few months back speaking of women’s choice of her relationship, as part of the ‘Bold is Beautiful’ campaign? You do and so do we all. The bold video had a powerful message for India, it broke societal norms, created ripples and which is why we remember it so well.

This season, Anouk has added one more dimension to the campaign by creating a film focusing on pregnancy bias in the corporate world. Women when considering maternity are at their most vulnerable state of their careers, with many corporates handling a pregnant woman’s insecurities in the most callous and discriminating manner.

Actress, Radhika Apte has brilliantly portrayed the role of the architect Shaheen, while the role of Uma, her reporting manager is played by Shernaz Patel.

Isn’t it the about time that corporate India woke up and put an end to discriminating against pregnant women at work and started a new work culture in which pregnant women employees feel they are a valuable part of an inclusive work environment?

Celebrate motherhood and inspire women to lead, not follow!

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