A few of us wanted to put our core value of “Work Hard. Play Harder” into practice and a bunch of ideas came forth on how to do that. Most of us agreed on a gaming night, but then a few responsible souls suggested an alternative way of having fun.

What started out as a plan to game all night, manifested into a night of intense coding, problem solving and still, lots of fun! The event gave engineers the opportunity to create products they believed in. And create they did. As many as 19 prototypes were built out of which 3 of them are live products across the supply chain and the website!

The Myntra Hackathon had arrived!!

It was a crazy, fun filled night, interspersed with AOE games, light hearted humour, cheering when products went live and a lot of learning from each other!

What went in :

1. A bunch of excited coders with a list of awesome ideas to work on


2. A few cheerleaders, chips, pizza, music and lots of Red Bull !

Quite a few prototypes went live – live information feeds, advanced delivery tracking mechanisms, social features, and so on.

What did we get out of it apart from all the cool products we built, you ask?! Well just to mention a few :
1. It gave that push which was required to get a few shy ones to experiment

2.  Even those who did not code came up with something!


We also got to know that :
1. 4 cans of Red Bull, ingested at equal intervals of time, keep you awake for 12 hours!
2. Age of Empires allows you to take the frustration off anything. Nothing like killing a few of the enemies’ villagers!
3. Work can definitely be fun!
The Demos that followed the next week, allowed the hackers to present their hacks to the audience and gather the support of the respective Product Manager and business stake holder to take their creation live! It was filled with energy and some of the hacks threw up information that made a lot of heads turn!
It was all about having fun and we can hardly wait for the next instalment!