A Social Date With Hrithik Roshan

A Social Date With Hrithik Roshan

We were super excited for the launch of Hrithik Roshan’s active lifestyle apparel and casual wear brand – HRX on We planned various contests around it in January to create a buzz; after all it’s not every day that you get to do something awesome with a celebrity in picture.  Google India partnered with us on one of these promotions to host Asia’s first Shoppable Hangout with Hrithik.

 The marketing jabs started quickly as we got the news. The challenge was to promote and spread the word like fire, so we invited our shoppers, bloggers, journalists to watch the hangout live. The marketing machine gun triggered different kinds of contests around Hrithik to launch his brand HRX. One such social contest was – The HRX Xtreme Style  Quiz Contest- where participants answered 5 questions around the brand in the quickest time possible. The uniqueness of this app was that it could run on any device, be it your laptop, tablet, or Smartphone, reaching out to a wider audience. Therefore, we could engage with fans wherever they were. This was a huge hit!

landing pic

The Google Shoppable Hangout venue on January 20 was a mad house! As we were drawing close to lights, camera and action, the craziness took a whole new toll. The technicians on the floor shouting ‘testing 1, 2 3’ and ‘check’ sounded more like a chanting in the halls of J.W.Marriot. The social media team was buzzing tweets every second (exaggeration) to make sure the contest #ShopHrithikWithMyntra creates a big social ripple, and it did. We trended on #1 in India trends and #4 Worldwide by generating more than 5000 tweets. Yaaaaaaay!

shopthehangoutwithhrithik We were hooked to the screen the whole day; of course we were stealing few moments here and there to admire the God in the house, by clicking his pictures for Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter. If that’s not a social date with Hrithik Roshan, then what is?

With Hrithik

Hrithik Roshan’s Clothing Line HRX – Exclusively on Myntra

We’re super excited at the Myntra office to announce our exclusive partnership with fashion iconoclast, Hrithik Roshan, to launch and manufacture his active lifestyle apparel and casual wear brand – HRX.

The HRX range includes casual- and active-wear apparel and sports footwear for men. The products are lightweight and made of premium fabrics crafted with a contemporary slim fit. The entire collection features peppy colors and showcases the latest in active-wear fashion.
Hrithik Roshan for HRX_1

On partnering with and the inspiration behind HRX, Hrithik Roshan said, “I always envisioned HRX to be a platform that could inspire people to bring out their best and to never give up! My team, Afsar Zaidi from Exceed and Sid Shah from The Wild East Group have taken my philosophy and turned it into a brand. Partnering with to launch HRX was the opportune decision as they are in-sync with our philosophy and effortlessly helped in creating the brand, just as I visualized.”

Our CEO and Co-Founder, Mukesh Bansal said, “We are very excited about the opportunity to build original indigenous brands in India. Hrithik has massive fan base and is widely respected for his passion for fitness. We felt that we can create a very unique and lasting brand by taking inspiration from Hrithik’s work ethic, his incredible story of overcoming various setbacks and of course one of the most stylish actors in Bollywood. HRX is a very innovating brand with leading edge fashion that seamlessly merges active lifestyle, global fashion trends and Indian tastes.”

Take a look at the collection here. What do you think of the HRX collection? Sound off in the comments below.

Art Week @ Myntra

“The purpose of art is washing the dust of daily life off our souls” – Pablo Picasso

The past few days were a part of Art Week at Myntra’s Catalog office, in collaboration with Jennard Galleries. As a part of the Art Week, themed paintings and art were hung on our walls. The themes were – Hollywood fashion idols, fashion capitals and fashion magazines. Take a look at some of the pictures dressing up our office walls – here.

As a part of this programme, everyone was treated to an interactive presentation and talk on “Fashion & Art” with a fashion quiz after! The speaker was the accomplished Mr. Mani M from the Retail Designing and Fashion Merchandising world. Take a look at some of the pictures from the event, below:

 photo (9)

Style Alert: Shop AW ’13 Trends From Our New-A-Holic Collection

Whether it’s a throwback to school with plaid parade or the denim-on-denim mini summer trend that’s traipsed into Fall, AW ’13 is all about incorporating key pieces into your wardrobe. Here’s a sneak peek into our New-A-Holic collection for men and women that gives you inside access to the choicest style picks of the season.

new a holic
If you’re looking for style tips, your search ends now – head on over
here for quick and easy ideas to tap into the season’s latest fads. And no, you don’t have to revamp your entire wardrobe again, to stay in style this season.

Also, keep an eye out for our 10-second Instagram style videos every Monday that focuses on one trend each week. Our first edition for Him and Her are already out!

Look Good Helpline: Here’s Our Number, Call Us Maybe?

“Fashions fade, style is eternal” – Yves Saint Laurent

With the launch of our LookGood helpline, no longer do you have to wonder if you should wear your boat shoes sock-less or if burgundy trousers go with your checked shirt. There’s a super easy way to hone your personal sense of style to perfection, courtesy Myntra. We’re now available on call, to give you style tips and fashion advice!

Our expert stylists are just a call away, equipped to offer advice on all matters related to style and fashion. Call us at 080-4499-4499, any time from 5 pm to 7 pm, on weekdays. You could also mail us at

We’re looking forward to hearing from you!

Friendship Week Specials @ Myntra

Friendswithbenefits_403x403Friendship Day is on Aug 4th, but our celebrations started earlier! On Facebook, we have a special app called ‘Friends With Benefits‘, using which you can generate a style quotient for your friends. The application is all about how well you really know your friend, their choices and who they really are. Based on your ratings across few quirky parameters like Time Magazine Vs GQ or Homemade Vs Junk food, the style expert at Myntra gives your friend a style quotient. Both friends win coupons to shop at You can also share these results with their network on Facebook. This fun and interactive app is an attempt to build a bond between two good friends and bring out their style quotient.

Over on Twitter, we ran a contest – #FriendsAndFashion. Participants had to solve ten different kinds of puzzles -anagrams, riddles, colour codes, fill in the blanks etc, related to fashion and friends,  to win vouchers. The contest trended in India at #1, with two lucky winners getting vouchers for themselves and their friends.

Totally flipped over!

World Flip-flop Day was on June 21st, and given that we have a considerable number of brands that sell flip-flops on Myntra, we decided to have some fun, and involve our energetic Twitter crowd in the process. The plan was very simple - tweet out clues to the brands that offer flip flops on Myntra. Participants had to guess the answers and two lucky winners would win Rs.1000 each. The hashtag we used was #FlipFlopsOnMyntra


We had a mix of questions – some dead easy, and some not-so-easy. Sample these - Sounds like the capital of Cuba, and also an island where people do the hula danceAn Italian company that doesn’t run on Diesel. There were ten of these, and so popular were they, that most of the them were retweeted a 100 times each! That also meant that we scaled up the Trending Topics and were quickly at the very top.


Contests on Twitter are always fun, and we plan to have many more!

Steve Madden Launches Online Exclusively On Myntra

We go where the fashion high road takes us and this season, it led us right to Steve Madden. Yes, the iconic brand launched exclusively on Myntra this month!

Inspired by the street style in the world’s fashion capitals, Steve Madden’s USP is its positioning between high street brands and luxury labels. Undoubtedly fashion-forward, with a definite rock ‘n’ roll edge, you have to take a look at our collection to find out the reason behind the brand’s cult following.

Steve Madden Creative_2

This exclusive partnership marked another step toward making high street fashion accessible to over 480 cities within Myntra’s reach.

Our Chief Operating Officer, Ganesh Subramanian, said of the partnership, “Steve Madden has propelled the footwear fashion industry to staggering heights. The brand has been immensely successful in catching the ever evolving pulse of Gen Y.”

Steve Madden Creative_1

So if you thought you were about to curb your shoe addiction, well, think again!


Myntra @ Comic Con

T-shirts meets pop culture at Kook N Keech – a Myntra Original. So it was a given that we’d make our presence felt at Bangalore Comic Con. (June 1-2, 2013, Koramangala stadium) To use a Phantom phrase – “for those who came in late” - Comic Con India has expanded India’s popular comic culture by providing a platform for fans to interact with their favourite cartoon heroes over games, movies, merchandise and a lot more. This year, the Kook N Keech collection, part of our in-house brands, displayed t-shirts that are funky, quirky and represent an individualistic sense of style. This range also included Marvel & Disney T-shirts with the classic characters of Mickey and Friends and Super Heroes like Iron Man, Spider-Man, Avengers, Hulk and many more. The chic designs, high quality and eye-catching graphics of these t-shirt appealed to the avant-garde fans.


As a surprise element, Bollywood actor Kunal Kapoor (brand ambassador for Roadster, our private label brand) visited our stall on the first day. Kunal, who is a fan of animated characters and super heroes, interacted with the crowd and signed autographs. Also present was our Founder- CEO Mukesh Bansal. Speaking on the occasion Ganesh Subramanian, our COO, said “A comfortable tee, with a good print, is the most convenient way of making a style statement. Today’s youth wear their heart on their sleeve and graphic t-shirts are a way they express their state of mind. Kook N Keech is a celebration of pop culture and its visually enticing collection will surely appeal to youngsters.”


We also ran a special contest for the Comic Con participants who love to design, and the winners got exciting prizes – sling bags, posters and so on! Check out some cool cosplay images, and the video we shot, below.


Being Human, Our Way

Salman Khan’s Being Human brand needs no introduction. One of the reasons behind the brand’s mass appeal is the fact that the proceeds contribute to enabling the charity organisation’s key goals. So we’re extremely happy to announce that Being Human has recently partnered exclusively with us to sell their merchandise online.

Salman Khan said of the partnership, “We chose as our online partner for Being Human clothing as they connected with our philosophy of look good, do good. With Myntra’s expanding customer base, we aim to reach out to not only the youth, but also anyone who believes in the Being Human philosophy across the corners of the country. Myntra has committed that part proceeds from online sales will be contributed to education and healthcare causes supported by Being Human, and we appreciate their gesture.”

being human

Our CEO, Mukesh Bansal, spoke of Being Human’s relevance in the philanthropic context and said, “Today’s youth have developed a strong urge to support noble causes that lead to the upliftment of our society. Being Human has emerged as one such prominent ‘fashion-for-a-cause’ entity. With the brand’s international appeal and Salman’s patronage, we are confident that Being Human merchandise will be well accepted by our shoppers. This association also gives us an opportunity to promote and contribute to the foundation.”

For a brand backed by a name as iconic as Salman Khan’s, it is significant that brand Being Human’s goal to provide education and healthcare to the underprivileged, outreaches his star value.  It has evolved to become a phrase that is synonymous with today’s generation’s need to contribute to their less privileged counterparts. Take a look at our Being Human collection here.

To celebrate the brand’s launch on our site, we also had a fun Twitter quiz, where we shared clues to 10 outfits worn by Salman Khan on screen, and participants had to guess which movie it was from, with #BhaiKaStyle. We got a tremendous response for the contest, and it was soon trending at #3 in India.

collage - bhaikastyle