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Celebrating The Sportier Side Of You

Stressful work hours, monotony and routine can add to our blues in life. ‘Disruption’ is probably the need of the hour to keep things exciting, as well as fit and healthy. What better way to do that than to take up a sport to generate some heat? And in case you have chosen the one you like, just sit back and let Myntra help you fit the look!

In this 360 degree multi-media campaign, Myntra tells you why it is the one stop destination for all your sports apparel and accessories needs. Myntra happens to be the category leader in many areas, and is definitely big on sports. About 30 per cent of its business is sportswear, including sports shoes. Clearly, sports brands are popular with fashion conscious customers too.

In an interview CMO and Head of International Brands, Gunjan Soni says that while many brands go for heavy weight, high profile personalities when campaigning in the sports category, Myntra decided to keep its ad simpler and more relatable.

All we can say is, wait not, want not. Let’s go for a round of play, we’ll see you on-ground!

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