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Chic Western Styles Rising In Shopping Carts

It was early 2000s when Isha graduated from college. She fondly remembers those initial days of transition from a carefree college life to a life that involved multi-tasking between work, business trips, bills and many other responsibilities. One could never have enough of those weekends. (One still can’t, actually!)

There were definite perks of the new lifestyle, though. Being financially independent gave her a high. Her monthly shopping trips were a stress buster. Isha, who was always known as the trendiest girls in college had maintained the reputation even at her workplace. And she loved the fact that her job allowed her to move in a circle of fashionistas, thanks to her fashion and lifestyle clients.


If there was one grouse she had back then, it was that those killer outfits she saw in the fashion magazines and movies were not so easily available and she often had to seek out exclusive stores to lay hands on the ones she liked! Today, Isha is really glad that she doesn’t have to worry about shopping for her favourite outfits anymore, thanks to online fashion shopping. She has never been so spoilt for choice when it comes to western wear now!

Isha is not the only one to rejoice.

There are plenty of other women from smaller towns and cities for whom the growth of e-commerce and online shopping has been a boon.


It would be interesting to note that the women’s wear category on Myntra has grown by 47 percent from January 2015 to January 2016. Wow! Western wear has been the top performing category within this, growing by 71 percent as compared to the platform average of 47 percent.

Some of the top performing brands offering women’s western wear on the Myntra app are Roadster, Dressberry, Forever 21 and Vero Moda. Myntra, which had 995 brands and 90,000 styles catering to women in January 2015, has upgraded their offer to approximately 1250 brands and 141,000 products specifically for women, within a span of a year.

Digital India has indeed reached Jhumri Talaiya in the form of easy access and rising aspirations for people in remotest areas of India.


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