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Creating True Classics On Myntra With Aigner

There was a good reason why Aigner became such a cult brand in Europe in the mid ‘60s. It was the era of the Flower Power, when there existed a euphoric feeling of freedom, with the future full of promise of prosperous times. The Aigner design of the ‘60s and ‘70s decades reflected the spirit of the time, with its emphasis on the colour orange.

Aigner Myntra

The characteristic ‘A” sign, in the form of a small horseshoe in brass or Antic red, was a striking feature on the most luxurious handbags, belts and travel luggage that came out of Munich, the home of the Aigner brand, where Etienne Aigner and Heiner H Rankl partnered to create the brand in 1965. The products represented a life of pleasure and sheer style.

Soon, they became a vital part of the lives of sophisticated and genteel Europeans – from the classics of that time like the distinctive Saddle Bag and the unmistakable Doctor’s Bag, to the designs of today, which carry the unmistakable imprint of Aigner. The brand is a symbol of unique craftsmanship, the highest quality and perfection, besides being a brilliant combination of German precision and Tuscan tradition.

Aigner @ Myntra

The great news is that this cult German brand will now be available in India at the click of a button, exclusively through Myntra.  One can choose from a huge collection of saddle bags, sling bags, wallets, shoulder bags, hand bags, hogo bags and clutches. One is assured of timeless design, paired with well thought-out functionality, and finished with high-quality leather.

The en vogue bags are available in black, beige, navy and chianti red, and epitomise modern lifestyle and elegance. Myntra is showcasing 150 unique designs from Aigner, the price ranging from Rs 19,000-Rs 55,000.

Myntra is delighted at the prospect of offering its discerning customers in India world-class products from the stables of Aigner. As a fashion forward brand, Myntra’s commitment to create a platform that is a one-stop-shop for top international brands, has taken a leap with the launch of Aigner’s leather bags exclusively on its platform.

With the addition of Aigner, Myntra further strengthens its portfolio of international brands, with over 30 top global brands.

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