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Decoding Autumn-Winter Fashion In India


From thick quilted phirans high up in the north to light cardigans down south, Indian winters are as diverse as the geographical diversity. Let’s take a look around to see how India’s four metros dress up in winter.

When the mercury dips (and it does dip really low!) in Delhi, chic and cozy dressing is the style statement Delhiites adhere to. Combatting the cold weather in style, they prefer flaunting long coats or a 80s inspired vintage jacket. Boots are a staple – heeled or flats, one pair satisfies no one. Oversized sweatshirts over skinny jeans with a fluffy muffler are part of another essential winter look.

The fashion capital of India, Mumbai, gets a break from the rains and is enveloped in exuberant winter sheen. Winters bring about an upsurge of designer paraphernalia. The trailblazing fashion shows set the mood and with less humidity in the air, people extend their wardrobes to drape dresses, long skirts, flare pants, leather jackets and everything that goes with the bold Mumbaikar style.

Our next winter destination is Chennai; winters here are mostly pleasant and sunny. People religiously adopt a simple yet effervescent wardrobe. Casual, comfortable clothing is essential during the day but a nip in temperatures at night brings out light wraps and bright and colorful stoles in an array of prints.

The eastern brethren of Indian style cities, Kolkata, boasts of an eclectic fashion trend owing to its poetic and dreamy atmosphere. The winter season brings with it foggy mornings, bright days, and cool evenings with a smattering of rain every now and then. While taking a stroll in the evening, a long-sleeved shirt or a khadi kurta is perfect to keep you snug. An inclination towards rich fabrics opens up a box of treasures offering crepe, brocade, silk, and a few other fabrics from Kolkata. And of course, fashion for women in Kolkata would be incomplete without Bengali sarees.

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