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Don’t know what to wear? Ask Myntra’s Style Forum!


You have been staring at your wardrobe for the last ten minutes with a pained look in your eyes. “What DO I wear?” is written large across your face. Sounds familiar? Quite possibly, it does. Be it a date night or a Sunday brunch or a wedding, or any other occasion for that matter, even the best of us tend to sit down in frustration and feel like we have nothing to wear. But in reality, you just need to know how to put together an amazing outfit.
We agree that it might not be an easy task. There are times when you have shopped in advance and you have a certain look in mind. But even then, there are questions in your head. “What accessory should I pair my dress with?” “Which hairstyle will suit me?” “I really love these trousers, but don’t know what color tops to pair them with?” or “I can’t manage my curly hair, what should I do?”

Well, don’t get stumped by all these questions. To get a solution (reliable & effective), all you need to do is to post your questions on Style Forum on the Myntra app and you will get quick answers from stylists and fellow shoppers. The forum also allows you to upload & share images to help in understanding & responding to style queries. And in case you have more than one option suggested, you can create a poll to get a popular vote. Now, isn’t that great!

This last weekend Bollywood actress, Jacqueline Fernandez was chatting live on Style Forum, answering a flurry of questions from fans and shoppers who wanted to know about her fitness routine and tips on health, diet and fashion. So watch out, maybe next time you might get personalised style tips from a celebrity!

Next time you plan to dress up for a big day or wondering what to do with something you bought, just visit Myntra’s Style Forum, your one stop destination for style queries.


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