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Encrypted! Street Fashion In Your Wardrobe

“I look forward to India’s signature being ‘encrypted’ on global fashion.”

That’s Priyanka Kumar for you. Designer, entrepreneur, industry veteran, bold, free thinking, expressing herself through her brand Encrypt. She is one of the designers of Myntra’s Fashion Incubator, a program for budding designers and entrepreneurs.

She traces her MFI story and the baby steps that brought about Encrypt in this video. Have a look.

Street style fashion is a popular trend world over. Priyanka observes that India is still gearing up for street style, since not many people are very comfortable celebrating their body type or personalities.

Encrypt is a street fashion inspired brand, based on upcoming trends across the globe to create an individual fashion experience. So much so, that the hand drawn prints of the clothes often look like they have imperfections in them, which is actually meant to be part of the print.

Street style fashion



The Encrypt girl, according to Priyanka, is urban, versatile, an explorer and not afraid to stand out. The brand caters to both fashion addicts and fashion aspirants. You can explore the entire collection exclusively on the Myntra app.


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