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Everest Calling


Most of us spend huge amount of time indoors and barely get outside at all, especially in the daytime. Unfortunately, staying indoors can have serious effects on your health, both physical and mental.

If your job keeps you in a cubicle every day, or you work in the IT sector with no windows and one entry and exit, sunlight is that thing you hear about from other people with windows. You get to work when the sun’s coming up, and you leave when the sun is setting (or already gone).

So let’s help you get some fresh air from your busy life. For starters, you need the Vitamin D that your body produces from direct sunlight to keep your bones healthy. Simply opening your windows to let more fresh air in is actually one of the easiest and most effective ways.

Alternatively, a number of studies have also shown that just spending time with nature—not just outdoors, but in a park or on a hike—can boost your creativity and cognitive function. So how about a trek to the Everest Base Camp? Yes we are serious!

Myntra launched the globally recognized brand for its outdoor and adventure gear, Columbia on the app recently. The innovative collection has features such as quick dry, waterproof protection, breathable warming technology and moisture management, which is sure going to make your time spent outdoors fun, safe and exciting.

And with the launch of this new collection we also kicked off a contest inviting upto 6 lucky Myntra shoppers to win an opportunity of a lifetime, a trek to the Everest base camp! So if you haven’t registered yet, it’s not too late, cross your fingers and sign up before 28th September. The lucky winners will get to experience the World’s highest mountain!

Shoppers can participate in the contest by registering through the Myntra app or via this link:

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