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Exploring The Ethnic Side of ‘All About You’

Recently, a video with title “Dressed In Salwar Kameez, This Punjabi Lady Takes On A Wrestler Like A Boss” went viral, probably for all the right reasons. While the depiction of a strong woman is evident, one must not forget the emphasis on the attire of the woman – salwar kameez. Shared with a few more South Asian countries – the style may look a bit different from region to region though – the iconic salwar kameez is the most staple part of an Indian woman’s wardrobe.

myntra all about you

The great Indian salwar kameez has seen years of transformations. From being a form fitting and elaborate affair to the more casual avatar of today, the popular clothing item has been an important part of India women’s wardrobes for years.

There have been days when some people did think that the days of salwar kameez are over, especially during the late 80s and the 90s when Indian women started buying jeans. But that never happened. So what is it about salwar kameezes that makes it timeless?

First of all, salwar kameez is loved as much as sarees in Indian households. In fact in terms of comfort, the former beats the latter. Secondly, Bollywood has played an important role in glamorising them. From Sadhna’s churidars to Madhuri Dikshit’s shiny dupattas to Kareena kapoor’s relaxed flared salwaars, our movies have made sure we loved our ethnic attire year after year.

myntra all about you

To add to all this charm of the salwar kameez, Deepika Padukone’s brand All About You has now launched an ethnic collection, available exclusively on Myntra. Imagine romance and then imagine modern silhouettes and a lot of comfort. That is the All About You ethnic wear for you.

The designs are inspired by the queen of hearts, Deepika Padukone’s personal style which has always been a lot about subtle, breezy colours, simple cuts and minimalism. A little bit of glitter doesn’t hurt though. The collection can be viewed here.

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