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Five silks worth the indulgence

Ladies, with so many festivals in the pipeline, it’s the season to dress in regal splendour. Our choicest picks include five signature silks you need to drape yourselves in!

These gorgeous sarees, which are a must-have at South Indian ceremonies, can be identified by their signature thick, contrasting borders and traditional motifs like temple prints, checks, parrots and stripes. Wear them with traditional jhumkas at your next daytime family do to keep the compliments pouring.

This lightweight classic saree boasts kaleidoscopic designs and a sheer texture. These sarees are the perfect choice for an artsy soirée!

Banarasi silks are an impeccable blend of Persian and Indian culture. A traditional North and East Indian bride’s favourite saree, this finely-woven piece is characterised by opulent embroidery, fine gold and silver brocade, trademark floral motifs and mina work.

One of the exemplary features of the multi-hued Mysore silk sarees is the usage of 100% pure gold zari. This elegant style is usually plain with large pallus. They are tailor-made for festivals and are a favourite with most women down south.

This resilient saree is woven with multicoloured silk threads that are reared from Tussar cocoons. They boast exotic designs and a regal finish, making them apt for grand occasions like weddings.


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