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Forever 21 Florals: Worth Falling For

Remember Miranda Priestly’s famous comment in the movie, The Devil Wears Prada? As the editor of a high fashion magazine, a character played by Meryl Streep, she sarcastically responds to a suggestion at an office meeting that the fashion industry was showing a lot of florals, thus: “Florals? For spring? Ground breaking!”

But when it comes to Fall, florals are not only ground-breaking but immensely exciting too! When a floral pattern appears in the midst of season staples like lace, leather or wool, it adds that element of surprise which makes heads turn.

Forever 21 florals

Though India doesn’t have a well-defined Fall season, yet it experiences it in the change in attire and the materials and colours of choice. The newest ode to the season of falling leaves are floral prints in chic designs.These floral dresses, teamed with a light woolen cardigan or faux-fur-tipped boots, perks up things.

Tres Tres Chic

From the house of Forever 21, the American brand that showcases the latest, youth-centric fashion trends, comes a huge variety of floral prints which are available on Myntra. Floral patterns are everywhere, on A-line dresses, flared dresses, teesor shrugs. No matter what your choice of dress might be – short dresses, skaters, long-flowing gowns, cropped tops or skirts, they have you covered.

Forever 21 floral prints

You can team up your floral dress with Forever 21’s classic cable-knit sweater, active mesh insert leggings, a bomber jacket, or actually go out and be all floral by donning a floral jacket as well.

The floral theme isn’t just limited to dresses, but to jewellery by Forever 21 too. Earrings as well as necklaces all bring a touch of spring to Fall.

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