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From Frieda to Priyanka: The Signature Looks Of Five Iconic Women

Influential women are considered influential for a reason. Apart from their work, they always seem to have a way about them that makes them stand out. Their very looks define a unique personality.

Take Frieda Kahlo for instance. Her majestic uni-brows or the flowers in her hair not only made her stand out but took the world of art by storm. And she wasn’t the only one to have changed the course of fashion history. Iconic women, including revered names like Coco Channel and Marilyn Monroe too, never feared to experiment with fashion. Conformists they were not, and unconventional was their path to glory.

We tip our hats to these iconic beauties and try and peek into their beauty secrets.

Frida Kahlo

Makeup techniques of Frida Kahlo

The beauty of Frida Kahlo comes from her relentless self-confidence. She is an iconic figure because she boldly accepted her shortcomings and used them to empower her art and her image. Her bold, gender-blurring take on beauty is what makes her so different from the rest. As portrayed in her allusive self-portraits, Kahlo’s signature look goes by the saturated shades of crimson and magenta across the lips and cheekbones. These colors were often in sync with the flowers in her hair-do.

She would also further accentuate the arches of her famously robust eyebrows with an ebony shade eyebrow pencil. Revlon was her favorite brand for lipsticks and she used blushers from Mac.

Grace Jones

Makeup of Grace Jones

The Jamaica-born American supermodel, actor and musician, Grace Jones have been an inspiration for a generation of style icons to date. The likes of Madonna, Lady Gaga, and Beyoncé are said to have looked up to her when it comes to making a statement. She is an iconic figure for women of color across the globe and the inimitable look has redefined fashion and art. Her perfectly sculpted look gave rise to a unique makeup technique and special palettes of shades were developed for women of color. The mélange of hot pink lips, fuchsia-hued cheeks, and purple eyeshadow acted together to give her the signature look that we quickly relate to Jones today.

If you wish to recreate her look, pick Mac’s eyeshadow and make sure to brush from the base of your eye sockets till your hairline. Also, pick a hot pink shade of lip color and some powder blush from Lakmé Cosmetics.

Audrey Hepburn

LIght makeup of Audrey Hepburn

The delicate and sublime elegance of Audrey Hepburn has been the talk of the century. She is the embodiment of chic beauty with her deep doe eyes, dramatically curved eyebrows and stunning lips that perfectly syncs with her pale complexion. She was the one to bring the gamine crop hair into mainstream fashion.

To have the lush and defined eyelashes, she used a pin to separate each of her lashes after applying mascara. She is also famous for using light makeup. Instead of weighing her eyes with a lot of shadow, she preferred to keep them light and plain.


Rekha makeup techniques

Her very name is synonymous with timeless beauty and elegance. Rekha has challenged conventions of the conservative Indian norms and brought about a new wave in the Indian fashion and film industry. She was the first to introduce oil-based makeup at a time when her contemporaries were using talc-based makeup.  Today we mostly see her gracefully carrying her nine yards Kanjivaram sarees, adorned with heavy traditional jewelry at the red carpets. She loves to highlight her eyes with bold lines of Kajal and mascara. But her favorite is lip colors. Often she likes to mix two or three shades together to have a more gorgeous color.

Priyanka Chopra

Makeup tips of Priyanka Chopra

Today Priyanka Chopra is considered as one of the most successful Indian or Bollywood actress who is globally recognized for her beauty and talent. She has a special knack for keeping her fresh look intact even after back-to-back press tours and events. Her go-to fix for makeup comes from MAC Studio and she loves to wear Bobbie Brown foundation at night. Her eye work is just amazing and she chooses the soft bendable kohl by MAC to line her them perfectly.

So, if you feel inspired to look as elegant and gorgeous as these iconic women across the world, hop over to Myntra now and choose from the range of makeup options available.

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