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Get, Set, ‘Blink Go’ This EORS

We live in an age where the role of technology is indispensable in our lives. From commerce to fashion, everything is being driven by technology. So it doesn’t come as a surprise at all that Myntra – which is a frontrunner in integrating tech with fashion – is all set to offer consumers a state-of-the-art smart wrist band perfect for monitoring fitness parameters and setting personal fitness goals.

The Blink Go series of wearable devices have been developed by an in-house team at Myntra’s Innovation Labs. The product is available in catchy colours and top-of-the-line specs in its category at a competitive price point of INR 4199. Some of the highlights of the product include activity tracking such as steps, distance, calories, sleep and heart rate sensor, colour TFT display and designer straps. The device can also be connected to several digital devices, reinforcing the ‘Internet of Things’.

Smart wearable Myntra Blink Go

A look at the key features of Blink Go:

  • Multi-Tracker Support: This gives the user mobility across devices and platforms. You can connect multiple devices to the same account, and the device can automatically detect it when you’re changing devices.
  • Leader-board: The Blink Go is packed with various features which enable tracking and a lot of other activities. What’s more, you can compare how you have fared in these activities in comparison to your friends and acquaintances.
  • Live Achievement Sharing: With several goals to be achieved daily, weekly and monthly, you can share your stats with your peers upon completion of each milestone. You can commemorate each achievement with a selfie taken from your Blink Go!
  • Sleep Goals and Other Tools: Having to balance hectic schedules, we often lose out on our sleep. Since sleep deprivation leads to a host of problems, but thanks to the Blink Go, you can now exercise a higher degree of control over your sleep schedule by setting weekly sleep goals, set bedtime reminders and set alarms.

Myntra Blink Go features

The Blink Go is the first device to be launched by Myntra under ‘Myntra Wearables Platform’ (MWP). MWP is being designed to form a seamless network of devices which instantly connect with each other. The highly anticipated smart wearable will pave the way for other devices to be launched in near future.

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