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Harley For Her!


Gul Panag, an actress and a motorbike enthusiast, who has been riding a motorbike since she was 16, decided to do something different on her wedding day. And so, dressed in all her wedding finery, Gul arrived with her groom in a motorbike instead of the traditional doli.

Riding a motorcycle is no longer the sole preserve of men. Shabnam Akram, a 50 year young mother of two is setting the roads on fire. She started riding motorbikes long before it became a trend. In an interview with Quartz India she said, “My bike changed how I thought about myself. It gave me confidence, and changed my perspective towards things I could do, who I was and how little it mattered what others thought.” She is, now, involved in getting more women to take up riding. Not because it’s an easy way to commute, but because it brings a sense of freedom and control.

Women, today, are stepping up their game, and taking up motorbike riding. And mind you; it’s not just a casual hobby. Women riders all over the world are forming associations to support fellow riders and encourage more women to take up motorcycles. This shatters all sorts of age-old stereotypes, and portrays women as the rock stars they really are, be it at home, work or on the highway!

If you’re thinking that there are only a handful of women riders, consider this. The market for women riders since the last five years has grown so much that Harley-Davidson has released two sleek, lightweight models: the Street 500 and the Street 750, designed keeping the female rider in mind.

Now, how can something as exciting as riding a bike have only few benefits? If you ride a bike or if you’re fascinated by riding, you may as well indulge in some uber cool biking gear. Be it a leather jacket or boots, biker fashion never fades. This is power clothing, in literal sense of the term. Such clothes make you look good, and when you look your best, you feel at your best too!

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