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Here’s to the Seekers, Finders and Pilgrims

The road is always here, waiting for you… Let’s enter the unknown.” Capturing the essence of a true traveler, the latest Roadster campaign calls out to the spirit of Roadsters as they follow their own unique reasons to be on the road.


Brand Roadster is known for its innovative campaigns from the past such as the GTFO (Get The F*** Out) campaign with actor Ranveer Singh and the Pocketman’ campaign – a live human experiment to interactively demonstrate how a person could live entirely out of their jeans for 48 hours. It’s good to note that Pocketman’s innovative campaign also won Bronze at the Effies 2015 in Mumbai last week in the coveted ‘Experiential Marketing’ category!

The online version of the film was released a week ago and has already received tremendous response by brand enthusiasts, quickly crossing 2.5 million views and counting.

Without much ado, here is the video that says it all. The film also goes on air today for television audiences. Roadster as a brand has grown in leaps and bounds over the last three years, establishing itself as the bestselling brand on Myntra through a wide range of products, including denims, trousers, shirts, tees, footwear and more for men and women!

Excited about launch of new brand campaign, Manish Aggarwal, VP, Marketing, Myntra Fashion Brands said, “The campaign reinforces Roadster’s image as a true outdoor lifestyle brand, all in the specific context of roads – a purposeful storytelling platform that Roadster can own and differentiate itself from the generic messaging represented by most outdoorsy brands.”

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