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How to Make the Most of EORS 2017

Myntra’s End of Reason Sale 2017 has started. It’s so nostalgic – the palpitation, the nail-biting anxiety of whether you nailed the best deals, having second thoughts on your wish list etc. And when the war is over, you find out in great sorrow that you’ve missed out on the most awaited opportunity. But the best part of EORS is, it gives you chances every year. So, gear up. Take your notebook… oh, forget it, who writes these days! Just make notes, on your phone!

Make the most of EORS  Jan 3-5, 2017

Know the dates by heart: Guys, it’s live! And will be till January 5th.

Rearrange your closet: Refresh your memory about what you have, what needs to be kept and what needs to be discarded. This will also help you make space for the new arrivals.

Revisit your wish list: To get aligned with the current trends and latest collections that might be on the offer. If possible arrange the list on a priority basis so that you get the most desired ones without fail.

Buy in the must-haves: It’s easy to get blown away by the sparkly deals on fancy items but never ignore the essentials. A great pair of jeans or a formal white shirt, black pumps or leather bags – stock them up while you can.

Time to indulge: Now that you are sorted with a priority list and a list of basics, let yourself enjoy the raw pleasure of buying! Give your brain a well-deserved holiday and give in to the shopping frenzy.

Stock up on gifts: Be the smart selfish! Take this opportunity to buy things that you will need later as well. Birthdays, weddings, house warming parties- be prepared for those invitations.

Plan for the future: So that you don’t have to ransack your closet in emergencies. Think about summer holidays or upcoming weddings to attend and buy accordingly.

On the technology side: Last but not the least, keep your phone and laptop in full charge! No matter how silly it sounds it’s an utterly important point. Know your way around the Myntra website and Myntra App so that you don’t have to waste valuable time finding out the best deal.

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