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Hrithik and Myntra’s HRX Turns Three

No wonder brand HRX has been glowing with the love being showered on it. The brainchild of Hrithik Roshan and Myntra, HRX, turned three yesterday. In just a short span of time HRX has grown by leaps and bounds to not only become one of Myntra’s leading brands, but one that is equally popular with fans and stars.


Myntra, which recently acquired a majority stake in HRX, has been collaborating with Hrithik from day one in designing and developing the overall brand experience for the HRX collection.

Hrithik’s passion for physical and mental fitness and the change it brings to everyone’s life has been evident in the brand philosophy. It stems from the fact that defeat is nothing but a stepping stone in life. The X in HRX stands for extreme. It could be anything from achieving the best grades, to working hard, to your fitness and diet regimen.

“Everyone, including me, has been defeated in life. But success comes to those who rise above defeat and understand how to deal with it. I realized that defeat isn’t a real thing, it’s just an illusion!” is the message that Hrithik wants to spread through HRX and this brand film.

The brand is popular among celebrities such as Shah Rukh Khan and Yami Gautam, who have praised it on Twitter.

The brand is all set to be at the forefront of the active lifestyle wear segment. It is well on its way to fulfil its brand mission of “impacting, transforming and empowering a billion people in their journey to be the best version of themselves.”

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