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HRX Keeps You Going

You are out for a run. It is hot and sweaty. Your heart is almost pounding in your mouth. But you are yet to complete the target you had in mind. How many times in such a situation has a little voice in your head said to you, “It’s okay, you have already done enough”? How many times have you been tempted to stop at the next turn, thinking you’ll do the complete run the next day? Probably one times too many.

Now listen to another voice and take a look at people who have felt exactly the same way as you. But they went on to complete their target, whatever it was. They decided to push the envelope every single day.

Fitness dreams are highly common, but sticking to the regime and getting results is a different story altogether. Keep Going summarizes HRX’s and Hrithik Roshan’s philosophy of fitness. Hrithik brings his personal mantra and passion for fitness into the brand HRX. The message that the brand wants to convey through this campaign is that the monolith called ‘fitness’ can be broken down into real, achievable steps, says Gunjan Soni, Head, Jabong and CMO, Myntra.

While professional athletes have a huge fan base to cheer them on, amateurs need someone to speak for them too, with more beginners than ever before trying to make fitness a tangible part of their lifestyle. HRX aims to be that voice. Listen to it.

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