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It’s All About the Look

In the movie ‘The Intern’, Jules Ostin (Anne Hathaway) runs an online retail business ‘About The Fit’. In one of the scenes in the movie the zoom button on the website malfunctions and she is noticeably flustered about it. She thinks that if the customers are not able to see the product closely they would end up not making a purchase. That, in short, exemplifies the importance of a good portfolio.

How will it look on me? What’s the material used? What size is the model wearing? These are some of the questions that pop up in our head while shopping online. A well thought out portfolio goes a long way in answering all of these questions, resulting in a more satisfied customer who is more confident about the purchase he/she is about to make.


Intricate details of the lace, or the fine lines of the print, embroidery, borders, every single colour tone – a good view of all this and more become deciding factors for the customer. So, high quality images are a must.

A thorough product description, sizing charts, a style tip, effective filter options further help a customer find what they want. A good catalogue ensures that new customers find what they are looking for, loyal customers know where the new collections are uploaded and all customers get every little details of a product they are looking at.

At Myntra, the catalogue pages are customized as such that customers can maneuver easily and examine the products to their satisfaction. One can also browse through different collections and stores such as Jewellery Store, Wedding Store, Running Store, Lingerie, Saree and Cosmetics Store among others for specific needs. And if you’re looking for specific brands, then head to ‘Brands’ or ‘Premium Shop’ section on the app.

As it is said, the first impression is the last. The catalogue is the first thing a customer looks at. If something does not look good, a customer would not buy it. Myntra product catalogues make sure there are no chinks in the armour when it comes to creating the first impression!

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