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Legends Of WOW!

“Customer Service shouldn’t just be a department; it should be the entire company.” So said Tony Hsieh, founder of LinkExchange and Zappos and author of the book Delivering Happiness.

Myntra customer wow

Even at Myntra, we take ‘customer service’ seriously and who best would know it other than you. If you have ever visited or seen pictures of Myntra’s swanky offices in Bangalore, you will see that there are ten core values painted on the walls on each floor, the first one being “Customer Wow”. Since the beginning, Founder Mukesh Bansal (Board Chairman, Myntra & Head of Commerce, Flipkart) has repeatedly emphasized the importance of customer satisfaction for the growth of the organisation.

To this end, Myntra focuses on something called the ‘Customer Experience Charter’, which is a set of goals to be met in order to satisfy the customer at every touch point of their shopping experience with Myntra. The biggest aspect of the charter is to fulfill all promises made to customers.


Have you ever wondered what goes behind trying to achieve a perfect order percentage? Once a customer has found what he likes on the app, ensuring a technologically smooth user experience, a quick and successful payment, and delivery of the product in the quickest possible duration are part of fulfillment of promises! And this is just pre-order. Post order, the customer should find the product perfectly packaged and looking exactly the way it did in the catalogue. In case the customer still wants to return the product, its pick-up and refund has to meet customers’ expectations.

With every experience the customer encounters, Myntra tries to get relevant customer feedback in order to keep itself updated with the needs and wishes of customers.

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