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The Third Dimension Of Fashion

What happens when a leading aviation engineering company ties up with a leading fashion & lifestyle retailer?  Either the staff at the aviation company gets a wardrobe style makeover with a plethora of clothing choices or the other company gets a greater tech-acumen. Well, either way it results in a boon for customers.

Dassault Systems, part of the famous French company Dassault Aviation has tied up with Myntra.  The two companies are getting together with the sole intention of making Myntra’s customers Look Good.  Dassault Systems has created a flagship Product Lifecycle Management (PLC) package which is called “My Collection for Fashion”. So this is how it works. This unique PLC can quickly create virtual 3D models of all products displayed on the Myntra app, create virtual showrooms for easy navigation and integrate high-level user analytics to understand customers shopping patterns, and then recommend products accordingly.

The move assumes significance in the wake of the growing e-commerce boom in India due to which online fashion has become very competitive.

Commenting on the new deal, Chandan Chowdhury, Managing Director of Dassault Systems’ Indian arm, said, “Fashion and lifestyle industry in India is growing rapidly. Over the years, brands have realized that consumer experiences are becoming the focal point of planning because experiences are bigger than products alone.”

Ganesh Subramanian, Head of New Initiatives at Myntra said, “This solution will help us bring exciting products faster to our consumers. We are constantly working towards enhancing our consumer experience by leveraging state-of-the-art technologies and rolling out new initiatives.”

The ‘My Collection for Fashion’ solution goes beyond enhancing user experience, and should help speed up product updates and visualization by 15-50%; save 75% of time for the developers and streamline complex supply chain by 5-7%. Isn’t that a great innovation?

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