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Look Out For An Unbelievable Makeover

Makeovers are always exciting; and this time around, our in-house stylists amazed us yet again! Check out these eye-popping makeovers of few of our employees and you’ll agree with us that the outcome is nothing short of fabulous…

Before the makeover began, Anuktha says, “I’m mostly a jeans a top kind of girl. If not in casuals I’m mostly wearing ethnic wear. I would love to try out a new look with a dress and heels, which is something I don’t wear.”

Rohit loved his new look. “I feel much more confident than before! I never thought that I could pull off a look like this and am super happy with the results.”

Does this insta-transformation story excite you as well? Would you want to get a makeover done by our team of in house stylists? Book a free consultation with our expert stylists today!


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