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Meet The Stylist

While browsing through the Myntra app, one sees countless images in different colours and designs. Every product is shot at different angles to give the customers a complete view. Every product is also styled uniquely to make sure the essence of the brand is communicated. But have you thought of what goes behind these beautiful and attractive images you see on the app?

Myntra’s Lead Stylist, Carlton DeSouza lets us in and shares some insights.

What is your daily routine?
The day begins with meeting the art director on setting imagery for the day, in the required manner. Through the day, I monitor quality of images & styling model shoots to ensure that the product & model pictures are visually appealing. Then there are model bookings, product campaign shoots, scheduling, ideating creative themes with brands; basically setting up an imaging benchmark for every brand.

Above: Carlton styling a model for the shoot

What do you have in mind when you are working with international brands, do you do things differently?
Basically, we have to keep the brand identity intact. So, in most cases we try to get on a call with the client at the international office to figure out how to present the collection in India. Mostly it is all about accessorising and making the product look good.

Do you give the models any tips about their body language?
Yes, we do that. It is very important that the body language of models should resonate with the brand identity. For instance, the model should display a free spirited and relaxed vibe while shooting for a brand like Mast & Harbour because the collection is one that defines a casual mood.

What do you keep in mind while setting a style for a brand? How do you make it relatable for the consumers?
We set guidelines first. Every little thing matters. For example, if we have to shoot a sheer top, we add the right coloured spaghetti to the outfit in order to let people know how the top should be worn. We also feature accessories in few shoots to not just make the image look appealing but also share simple style tips with consumers. For example, a shoot for an apparel brand will also include accessories like a statement necklace and a bag to complement overall look, which gives customers suggestions of how they can wear that particular or similar apparel.

Tell us about your experience of working with models from different countries?
It a great experience working with them. Well, it is a hectic job for them and they have their busy and not so busy days. But they are professionals who also know how to have fun at work. We always learn something from each other.

Have you ever created a unique look for Myntra?
Once I was working on a Manish Arora collection. With Manish Arora, there are bold colours and eccentricity in terms of designs. So we used wigs and experimented with the make-up so that the entire look would be relatable to Manish Arora fans.

Recently Myntra has started shooting with props and changing the background. Tell us about that.
Yes, we have started doing that with a few brands and it is coming out really well. We use backdrops to create brand identities so that every brand stands out from the rest.
We are also working on product shoots which showcases the entire look. This may be featured on the app very soon. All the products that the models are wearing in these shoots are the products that we retail on Myntra. The customers have the option of buying a few pieces or the entire outfit.

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