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Men e-shop more than women!

Today, when you look at the billboards in a shopping mall or browse through your shopping app, you notice something that was a rare sight during yesteryears: Men! Yes, it has taken years for the fashion industry to sit up and take notice at men’s fashion. Read on to know how things have changed over the years in men’s fashion.

According to an Asian Age news report, 2014 was a year that witnessed sales of men’s clothing outperforming women’s clothing with a 4.5 percent growth as compared to 3.7 percent of women’s. So more suits are getting stitched and more shoes are being bought (over and above the black formals and sports shoes) and retailers are going to great lengths to offer more options for business casuals. Not just clothes, sale of accessories confirm the trend as well. A recent Bain’s study on worldwide luxury goods market said that men’s luxury accessories have grown faster as compared to women’s since 2009, increasing up to 13% per year.

So what made this happen? Men have always worn clothes and someone or the other has always shopped for them. But social media played an important role, the report says. Have you checked Ranveer Singh’s Instagram account yet? Dapper cool seems to be the word. Fashion Blogs were usually women dominated, but there are new male fashion bloggers springing up in the country.

Mobile and online shopping have played an important part as well. Let us accept the fact, most men do not know how to find what they want in a crowded mall. And contrary to popular belief that men shop online for gadgets and other tech items, it is fashion that takes the cake with close to 60% of men shopping online for fashion. Shopping on the mobile has made it easier with a large variety of options to choose from. No wonder, men are shopping more now and brands have realized that it is time they design more products for the new age man who just doesn’t want to look good  but is also aware of the latest fashion trends.

Surely, Men’s fashion is here to stay.


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