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Mumbai Shops More on Mobiles!

A city known for Bollywood. For vada pav, bhelpuri, and the dubbawalas. For being the commercial capital of India. And clearly, much of that commerce is now happening on the mobile, in the city that never sleeps.


When it comes to shopping online, Mumbai has left behind every other major city in India to emerge as the mobile capital in 2015, according to an Assocham report. Delhi stands second in this trend, followed by Ahemdabad, Bangalore and Kolkata, in that order.


One out of three customers currently make transactions through mobiles in Tier-1 and Tier-2 cities. In 2015, 78 per cent of shopping queries were made through mobile devices, compared to 46 per cent in 2013.

Interestingly, the apparel segment (and not electronics!) has seen the highest growth in mobile commerce across the country – a jump of almost 69.5 per cent, compared to the previous year!

Convenience of being connected anywhere and anytime, growing availability of mobile devices and an element of impulsive buying amongst the 18-35 year olds have been game changers in the etail sector. In fact, according to Assocham Secretary General, D.S. Rawat, a gradual evolution is taking place from e-commerce to mobile commerce, as described by changing customer buying behaviour.

Good news! With India all set to overtake US as the second largest market for smartphones in the world this year, smart mobile devices will become affordable and India will exceed 200 million smartphone users in 2016!

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