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Myntra Bikers Club: Team Bonding On The Highway

Biking is a sport that is finding more and more takers today. The thrill of riding a motorcycle on a highway – with the wind caressing your face, each mile taking you further away from boring routine and the adventure of discovering new places – is something known only to bikers.

Some enthusiastic and enterprising employees at Myntra had the idea to blend the love of biking with the unique opportunity presented by highways and new towns to promote brand Myntra in two-tier and three-tier cities. Thus was born the Myntra Bikers Club!

Myntra Bikers Club

Gaffoor S.K, Service Desk Lead at Myntra, who started the now 90-member-strong Club, says it all began on 5 September, 2015, at Lepakshi, in Andhra Pradesh, with a 150 km ride on NH 7. All that the employees needed to have was an enthusiasm for biking and a love for brand Myntra, not to forget a driving license and a 150cc and above bike!

The first batch of Myntra employees who participated in the ride, wore Myntra’s best-selling in-house brand Roadster’s jackets. So, it was a case of style matching adrenaline rush. After style, it was about safety. Biking armour included the usual suspects: knee guards, gloves and helmets for both rider and pillion rider.

Myntra Bikers Club

Today, about 80-90 active members ride 30-40 bikes on each journey. Some of the crew members of the Myntra Bikers Club  include Saloni Bhargava, Prathap.M, Bhavya Dinesh, Chinmay Nadig, Gaurav Poonacha and Ashi Sharmaa. In view of the hot Indian summer, most of the trips are organized in the monsoon and winter months. However, 2-3 riding expeditions do happen even during the March-May period, while as many as 10-12 rides happen from June onwards.

The Myntra Bikers Club keeps its eyes preened for popular locations along the highway, and if Nature is at its abundant best, it makes for an even more enjoyable ride. There’s, of course, plenty of team bonding happening on these road trips between employees belonging to various departments of Myntra, possibilities for which are limited inside the brick-and-mortar office.

The last place they rode to was on 28 January 2017, to Bheemeshwari Fishing Camp, Karnataka. And the next one this month is to Yercaud, Tamil Nadu.Myntra Bikers Club

Gaffoor recalls how the first trip had been the most challenging one! He says the bikers were yet to learn about co-ordination and “following the leader”, so crucial for any team effort. However, today, after seven trips on the highway, these problems had been ironed out and the rides are going without a hitch, he said.

A dream ride for the Club? Someday perhaps, from Karnataka to Ladakh. With growing numbers, there are plans to create its own unique logo, bands, stickers and jackets for team MBC as well.

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