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Return of the desktop!We had a much loved website till May last year. She was far ahead of any website globally in delivering a blazing fast purchase experience. She was much loved both internally and by our customers when we took a call to retire her. The call was hinged on two premises - that mobiles are:

Sentient: Mobiles are personal devices armed with sensors that enable a tailored experience unlike desktop
Inevitable: Mobiles are the future of computing devices where winning is a necessity, not an option

Both the premises were proven to be right and Myntra apps became the most loved amongst leading Indian e-commerce firms. A lot of our innovations were pathbreaking e.g., creating the smallest app binaries optimized by user’s device specifications, launching personalized user content, optimizing performance for running smoothly on 2G networks and so on.

Despite the many clear positives, we’ve decided to revisit our decision. The biggest reason is that according to the feedback from consumers, the volume of people, especially women wanting desktop back, hasn’t dried up. In addition, in the next phase of our rapid growth, we’re launching home furnishing and jewelry, where larger screens can complement the experience on apps.

As we move forward, we are bringing back some of the desktop magic. Myntra on the web may not be the most personalized one or a Myntra that you can use to shop in the back of a car; but we promise that it will still be a beauty that will blow your mind every single time.

At Myntra, we’ve always believed in making bold calls and pushing innovation forward. In doing that, we do sometimes make calls way ahead of their time and we’re proud of being fearless. In the same breath, we’re humble enough to realize that we don’t always have all the answers.

We’ve been doing our part in making you look good for close to a decade now. Here’s to the next one!

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