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Myntra Hires Ambarish As Product Head


Myntra has recently appointed a new Senior Vice-President and Head of Product, Ambarish Kenghe. Prior to his appointment at Myntra, Ambarish was co-founder and project management lead of the widely popular Google Chromecast. He was also a part of the Google TV Team as a Product Manager. Kenghe has over 15 years of experience in the field of product development and management and has worked with other prominent brands like Bain & Company and Cisco.

Ambarish will be an asset to the Myntra team as he “will be driving product innovation to build the next generation of mobile products to deliver a highly engaging and personalized fashion experience to our customers,” said Mukesh Bansal, Board Chairman, Myntra and Head of Commerce, Flipkart.

Ambarish joined the office in the last week of July at Myntra’s Bengaluru headquarters and is directly reporting to Mukesh Bansal. When asked about his appointment he said, “I am honored to join a company such as Myntra that is re-writing the rules of the game. I am also excited about moving to India where a large chunk of next billion Internet users will come from. India has a confluence of factors coming together to make it a once in a lifetime opportunity for technology professionals to make a difference.”

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