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Myntra-ites’ Journey of ‘Metamorphosis’

It was work as usual for most employees that day. They had woken up, shrugged off the last vestiges of sleep and prepared to make the journey to office, braving rush hour traffic. Twenty three individuals from various teams of Myntra however, were beginning a journey of a different kind. It was the day to kick off Myntra’s Leadership Development Program ‘Metamorphosis’.

Myntra leadership development program Metamorphosis

Fast forward a few hours, and these Myntra-ites found themselves in the first workshop of the program, on ‘Self Awareness and System Thinking’. A mix of various engagement activities, coupled with theatre-based learning were the highlight of the workshop. The activities focussed on self awareness, influencing skills, interpersonal relations and creating win-win situations. Myntra M-team members joined the participants in small learning circles and shared their leadership experiences and essential learnings.

The workshop is just one of the aspects of Metamorphosis, which aims to nurture future leaders of Myntra by creating a strong foundation and exciting opportunities for them. It is Myntra’s flagship project – the first structured and differentiated Leadership Development Program presented by The Myntra Academy. It not only aims to accelerate leadership development by creating a customized learning journey, but also gives people the opportunity to work on high impact business critical projects. This will further encourage innovation in a systematic manner, which lies at the core of how Myntra works.

In the program, as in life, reflection and action play a very important role. The former, followed by the latter are key learnings for participants. To that end the program includes Personal Coaching Sessions with external coaches and Action Learning Projects. In the coming months, the participants will also work on a sub-project called ‘Fashion for a Cause’, underscoring elements of sustainability and community building which is in line with Myntra’s Vision and Mission statement.

Watch this space for more information on this and the program in coming weeks.

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