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Myntra Now At Your Doorstep In A Day


Cravings are not limited to ice-creams or chocolates but to all good & tempting things in life. And one of them are good clothes and fancy shoes – the women will surely agree with this.

A blue dress, a pretty bracelet and a pair of wedges. So you have added what you want to your cart and promptly placed your order. Well, the real fun about cravings is when you get to satisfy them promptly too! And we love it when we can help you do that. To get your order in a week is good. But to get it the very next day is awesome! Now you will be able to select the next day delivery option as well when you place your order on the Myntra app. And there’s good news for Bangalore shoppers, you can now get your purchases on the same day as we are running a pilot project and will soon extend it to other cities.

Myntra offers next-day delivery in more than 15 cities by outsourcing deliveries and reducing dependence on its captive logistics network. Myntra’s co-founder Ashutosh Lawania says, “We’re building algorithms based on past demand patterns that will help strengthen our systems and cater to the growing demand.”

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