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‘Myntra Unforgettables’ Touches Patna

“Fashion is more than just a pretty dress.” Nothing could be truer for Shristi Bala from Patna.

Taking the “Myntra Unforgettables” series to its second lap, Myntra has launched yet another delightful video to give us a glimpse into the life of a customer who transforms from a person out of touch with fashion and even herself, to someone who brings fashion and happiness into her life on her own terms.

Shristi’s story shows us what it means for people from smaller towns and cities to have access to ways to define themselves that would not have been possible a few years back. It’s a story of individuality and identity every young Indian woman can relate to.

With more than 50 percent of its sales happening from Tier II and III cities, and Myntra servicing over 22,000 pin codes across the country, a fashion revolution is happening in the country. Myntra is proud to be the leader in this wave of change.

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