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Myntra Wins Prestigious ECHO® Awards

The holy grail of a website is being up there right at the top of search results, anticipating the myriad combinations of terms that go into a hunt for information. When it comes to an ecommerce platform competing in a cluttered space, being right there at the top is the winning post. Myntra’s consistency in search results has bagged it the Indian edition of DMA International ECHO® Awards for search strategy.

Myntra ECHO Awards

Myntra was nominated for the award under the category Strategy/Best Use of Digital – Search and came out ahead of all its competitors. A strong focus on digital helps Myntra to reach its core target audience in an efficient manner. Improving the site visibility of in search engine results has been one of the top priorities for the company.

Thanks to measures taken to ensure the same, Myntra achieved 65% increase in organic search traffic. Further, the contribution of organic search to overall traffic increased to 32% from 20% within six months.

It was a three-pronged strategy of maintaining relevant pages, relevant content and relevant links that paid off. A lot of work went behind the strategy, such as ensuring an optimised technical configuration for the website to weed out pages with similar content; improving the website’s rating on search engines by maintaining correct and helpful information on all its popular catalogues; and last but not the least, placing contextual links at the footer of every page, based on the content of that particular page.

Usually, many websites have the same links in the footer of the page, but the use of contextual links help users to navigate to other pages that are important to them. Implementation of the contextual links was an innovative step for Myntra. There are very few websites of Myntra’s scale that have implemented such a strategy.

While most search strategies focus on increasing the number of results indexed in Google search, Myntra focuses on reducing the number of pages and keeping it relevant to the catalogues on the website. There are various success stories of this strategy around the globe, but very few websites in Asia have implemented this strategy.

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