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Of Swabhimaan, Chocolates, Carnations And A Lot More On Women’s Day


It’s International Women’s Day and the world is abuzz with activities to mark the occasion. Besides grand gestures and a lot of talk though, isn’t it equally important to help make a mark at the ground level? Not to forget a shoutout and an acknowledgement for all those women who help and inspire others every day of the year?

Women's Day Celebrations at Myntra

Myntra decided to keep it simple this year by doing exactly this. To support a girl child’s education and help drive awareness on women empowerment in different areas through their ‘Swabhimaan Project’, Smile Foundation organized a helpdesk at the Myntra office in Bangalore. Myntra employees have the opportunity to empower girls by supporting and donating for their education. It has been a busy little corner of the office all day.

Smile foundation women's day Myntra

How can Women’s Day not include a lot of fun and frolic too? Chocolates and purple carnations on random desks, irrespective of the gender of the desk inhabitant, have kept things lively in office. On top of that people have had fun painting a canvas in Women’s Day theme. As more and more colours are added, a picture of a woman takes shape.

In a symbolic move, Myntra also flipped its archetypal M logo, turning it up to a W, in honour of women. The move highlights the company’s appreciation and acknowledgement of the contribution of women in every sphere, and also confers a special status to all women, who are heroes in their own right.

Inverted Myntra Logo Women's Day

Myntra women's day

Here’s wishing a Happy Women’s Day to every man and woman associated with Myntra’s journey, be it employees or customers. Let’s carry on the celebrations into every day of the year.

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