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Older Better Classier – Women’s Wardrobe In Their 30’s

Dress your age. How many times have you heard people saying that? But with denims being worn by people as old as 94 and shorts being rocked by 40 something women, the old fashion dictums sound a lot less convincing than before.

Having said that, things do change when women are in their 30’s. They lead busier lives – with children and serious careers – and may not have as much time to devote to their sartorial business as before. Also, knowingly or unknowingly, many women change the way they look at fashion trends and shopping, once they are in their 30’s. They are more comfortable with their bodies. Now that they have gathered almost a decade of fashion wisdom, they are less likely to buy something they won’t wear every month.

For women, sophistication and confidence is everything. At the same time being comfortable in their own skin, as well as in their attire, is equally important. Here are a few pieces that speak volumes about class, comfort and choices:

Structured blazer

Structured blazer Myntra

While one doesn’t need to part with their white tees and denims, throwing on a blazer over this ever-green combo means you are upping your fashion game. A structured blazer gives a smart, chic edge to a simple outfit like t-shirt and jeans.


Palazzos Myntra

You may have spent your 20’s living in leggings and jeggings, but now is the time to look for something that is more comfortable and brings in subtle and breezy colours into your wardrobe.

Pencil skirts

Pencil-Skirts Myntra

There is something about pencil skirts that shouts maturity. Opt for sleek pencil skirts that you can work from day to night. If you were fond of short denims skirts earlier, you don’t have to ditch the trend altogether. Simply upgrade to a pencil denim skirt.

High end blouses

High end blouse Myntra

There is no doubt that bold, graphic tees, tube tops, and gunjees have been by your side for years now. And they made you look good. But to give those black trousers or high-rise denims a mature and sophisticated makeover, you have to have some high end blouses.

Knee-length dresses

Knee-length dresses Myntra

There is hardly anything more versatile than a knee-length dress. With a plethora of choices of prints, fabrics, necklines and styles, you can choose what suits your personality the most. The best part is this timeless piece of garment never gets old for any wardrobe, and it is certainly hard to resist its charm. And with our lives getting busier in our 30’s, throwing on a semi-formal midi dress can work wonders for that office brunch, as well as evening cocktails with friends.

So, how many of these sartorial styles adorn your wardrobe? Or do they all?

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